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Charity Work

Our way of giving back...

Working with local charities

To support local charities we had a think and came up with supporting Changing Pathways.  This is a very local charity to the salon and helps Women facing fear in domestic violence situations.  Throughout May 2018 our fabulous clients have been  donating sanitary items, non perishable foods and toiletries which will be handed over with a cash donation to help the Counsellors help those who are vulnerable and scared.

'Helping these amazing charities is not just our work, but the help of our amazing and generous clients'

St Luke's Hospice

We have helped the local Hospice Charity by providing financial donations.  This help is ongoing and we plan to hold more fundraising events for this cause.
The Hospice provides palliative
care for patients and their families.
The Hospice is run purely on donations, so every penny we can raise, we know goes to a good cause.

The Hairdressers Charity

We would love to and will be looking at ways to help out with the official industry charity for the hairdressing industry; an independent service dedicated solely to helping hairdressing professionals and ex-hairdressers in their hour of need.

With a heritage that dates back to The Hairdressers Orphans Fund in 1853, and more recently HABB, the philosophy has always been to provide financial assistance and support for hairdressers, many of whom had nowhere else to turn.

The Hairdressers’ Charity receives more than 300 applications for help each year and currently has more than 100 long term beneficiaries.

Can we help you?

We are always seeking new and worthwhile causes to support.  If you would like us to help your Charity, please email [email protected] with how we can help you.